Haveslangerør, også kendt som fiberarmeret haverør, rørspecifikationer for 4 og 6 punkter.

The inner layer is made of soft PVC, the middle layer is the inter layer of explosion-proof line, and the outer layer is made of wear-resistant material with no light passing through to prevent the breeding of organic fungi. The middle layer is wound with netted reinforcing lines to make the inner and outer layers bond tightly.Pressure resistant layer, so that the water pipe pressure resistant stretch, even if rolled into a palm of the small circle, also won't discount, flexible performance is good, twisted knot for many times, still can be restored as before, the finished appearance color bright, beautiful, soft texture, is the ideal supplies for family, factory, landscaping irrigation.It is suitable for many kinds of faucets. It is easy to disassemble when irrigating or washing vehicles, restaurants, kitchens, toilets, roads, etc.

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